Web Maintainance

We at Sak Informatics have taken special note of the fact that web Support and Maintenance is one special need of our clients that we should always be fully updated and equipped to assist with. Our responsibility doesn’t end just with the inception of the website. We provide a robust web support and maintenance service to our clients and keep on updating our clients regarding the changes in the technology that would affect the functionality. We do the same for the various web applications and the mobile apps as well. That is the reason many of the business owners who already have got a website come to us for the web support and maintenance. Our professional approach also brings our web development and designing clients to us for the support and maintenance part. No matter whether we designed the site or not, our team researches on the entire concept of the products or the services and helps our clients to maintain a functional and effective website.

At Sak Informatics we also keep a close watch on the hazardous security threats that might affect your website and applications. Some site owners have been found to be ignoring this concern, but one must remember that any site could be a potential target for the hackers. Also the hackers do not just target your site with the same repetitive strategies. Every time they would come up with a new way to alter the settings, so being equipped with an antivirus potentially capable of handling the previously known threats is simply not sufficient. Same goes for the compatibility factor as well. Outdated plugins might not be able to give you and your customers the best service. As stated earlier we keep researching on the new updates and help your site to remain the best and most secured one.

Hosting Plans

Interactive mediums like websites & web based applications need continuous changes and updates in order to maintain its functionality and keep it up to date. We believe providing a fast, maintained & an approachable website to the audience would help your business to achieve the maximum success. Our designers and the support team is are easily accessible and always keep themselves aware and at par with the changes in the concerned industry to keep your website at par with that of your competitors. We do frequently make the changes however minute or small it might be such as changing the text or the entire content as and when necessary, and also adding the additional functionalities which will give you an edge over the others in your industry or sector. The sites maintained by us, irrespective of being old or fresh are able to attract the maximum traffic and give the clients the maximum opportunity to deal with new as well as existing customer base.

At the beginning of every month, we carry out a review and identify the best strategy to be implemented to update your website with the latest technical updates to make it better in terms of functioning as well as for the maximum engagement. We allocate time limit and set deadlines for the new features and add-ons to be updated into your website, updating the content and publishing the blogs and social media campaigns to boost the traffic flow. Our team remains in constant engagement with our clients and presents the proposed changes well in advance for our clients to review the same themselves and give their approval if satisfied. We keep a close watch on the developments in the industry & keep incorporating it into your website and the applications. Our time bound solution to our clients’ technical and maintenance services has enabled us to be listed among the top web designing and development companies in hyderabad, catering to the clients not just from hyderabad but from the rest of the country and abroad as well.